WAHWAHSDA – Dinner For Two
A song about someone… who doesn’t show up… One night i invited a friend, cooked a meal and was waiting
for him to come on over.He didn’t show up, didn’t call, so i had time to write some lyrics.  Inspired by the actual event,
i spiced up the story, changing the guy in a girl…
SPUT feat Spiritually Wally – Onderweg
One day a friend of mine, Saïd Aghassaiy aka Pita, asked me if i would like to make a song for a movie project he
was working on.The movie “Niet zijn thuis” is about the first generation of moroccans who came to belgium to
find work and a better future. Personally i am pro-multicultural minded so i said yes right away, We are all one !
Battlestar Antverpia VS Spit It Out Freestyle Battle
In 2011 i won the Battlestar Antverpia Live Battle @ Ahoy, participating against 15 other mc’s.
That same year Trigga won the similar Spit It Out Live Battle @ Zappa. Personally, i don’t like
pre written battles, i’m a freestyler myself. When Wouleh, back then the organiser of the
Battlestar Antverpia events, approached me with the question if i wanted to battle Trigga,
I knew it wouldn’t be pre-written. Trigga is a upcoming real freestyle mc, probably because he’s too lazy,
just like me :) It turned out very nice, this is 100% freestyle ! Big up Trigga, glad that i won this one :p
Wahwahsda Panda Session
Thanks to Jens from Panda Productions we were able to join his Panda Sessions, recorded for Live TV.
We play 4 Wahwahsda songs : “All For One”, “I Know”, “Wall Of Fate” & “Dinner For Two”.
In between there are bits from a little interview.
Some Freestyle Recordings @ Home
Not much explanation needed…
The Other Side Of The Mic
The ‘Music For Life’ Event from Radiostation Studio Brussel is very known in Belgium. 1000′s of
separateacts gather money for a different charity each year. At this event i came to perform my
verse on Tourist his song “Wolken”. A friend who works for Stampmedia was looking for someone
to interview Tourist, i said that if being drunk wasn’t a problem, i’d gladly do it. The guy in the
beginning is Sika, One of my favorite french speaking Antwerp MCs.
Wahwahsda – Heart & Brain
Videoclip made by Bart Verreyt
Wahwahsda ft Sandra – 4 Seasons
Homemade video with original recording footage
Wahwahsda wins Benelux Reggae Contest 2011
Official footage of the 2011 BRC @ Maastricht
4S – Moonlight
A one day project with Dzjiezus, Sika & Sofie
Acapella Freestyle @ End of the Weak, Antwerpen
Improvisation at End of the Weak